Google loves .EDU and .GOV backlinks.  .EDU backlinks are rare compared to the usual dotcom backlinks because only educational institutions are allowed  to have the coveted .edu.  The same goes for .GOV backlinks which are reserverd for local, regional, and national government institutions.

.GOV and .EDU websites by nature of their content and ownership, are deemed to be important and authority sites.  If these sites points to your website, it is telling Google that your site is important.

.GOV and .EDU’s are rare and held in high esteem – which makes any outbound links trusted in the eyes of Google. So, buy EDU and GOV backlinks and help boost your site’s authority!

They are so few and potent that companies are selling 7 .EDU backlinks for as much as $119.

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Level Up Your Back-linking Campaign with .EDU Backlinks

Not all backlinking campaigns bring amazing results in improving the page ranking of websites. The campaign needs to have an effective backlinking plan and strategies in order to achieve great results; one of them is to build a handful of .edu backlinks to the site.

Backlinks from sites with .edu domain extensions are quite popular because of the tremendous effects they make to the page rank of the website. This is backed by several reasons that are aligned with the ranking parameters of most search engines. One of them is the authority of most .edu backlinks.

Well-reputable schools like Harvard have websites that are also perceived by search engines like Google as top level domains or high authority sites. The authority levels of these sites were based on the high quality information they provide to the site visitors and their reputation among the online communities, on top of the value of the services they are offering.

Websites with high authority like many .edu and .gov domain extensions are normally ranked well in search engines. That is why links from sites with these extensions can make a lot of differences in search engine optimization.

Aside from the authority aspect, many of these sites also have high page rank. Thus, getting links from high PR sites will also give added score to the page rank of the site. If one particular backlink to your website originates from a respectable source with .edu extension that has not only high authority level but also good page rank, just think of the effects it has on the overall site ranking of your site.

While there is no solid proof to back such hypothesis considering that search engines have different ranking parameters and no one knows exactly what the algorithms are, SEO experts could only guess and theorize based on case studies and analysis the possible reasons why .edu backlinks are quite effective in search engine optimization.

Buying .edu Backlinks for Search Engine Optimization

There are a lot of studies conducted in the past and present, and the following are the collective reports on the results of the studies done by different entities and organizations on the role of back-links from .edu sites in search engine optimization.

  • “… it is true that edu domains are often authoritative or trusted but this is a result of the link analysis that defines a given college or university as an authority on one or more topics.” –
  • “The .edu domain was created in January 1985 as one of the seven first generic top-level domains” – Wikipedia
  • “Google loves edu domains because they are usually perceived as high authority sites”
  • “…links from sites with edu extensions are valuable. They are treated with high authority, and many of them have high page ranks”
  • “The value of edu back links are based on the high page ranks of these sites, as well as their authority among the community”

On top of the above analysis, many site owners have experienced significant rank improvement when their websites are getting links from top level domains with edu extension. Experience of success abounds regarding the role of edu backlinks in search engine optimization. The testimonials of many webmasters, site owners, and SEO experts are enough to say that edu backlinks do have notable roles in search engine optimization.


Implementing the Correct .EDU Back-links Strategy

Buying .edu backlinks can be done in two different ways. You can either do it manually on your own, or have it outsourced to well-qualified and quite competent link builders or link building services. Hiring the services of third parties will definitely require some investment from your end.

But this option can save you a lot of time and energy in doing the relatively tedious tasks of implementing the campaign. Because of the utmost convenience this option provides, this is definitely the ideal choice if money is not a factor on your part. However, if you are quite tight on your budget, you can still implement the campaign with ease as long as you have enough time, and you also know where to begin.

To make things easier, outlined below is the list of sites of highly-respected schools and universities from where you can start building backlinks to your website, thereby making significant improvement on its page rank if done the right way.

List of .EDU Sites Where You Can Start Creating Backlinks


The above sites have medium to high page ranks, and if you are successful in getting some links from these sites via the forum and comment section, then you shall be on a good start to your back-linking campaign. There are some challenges, though. Not all websites of educational institutions are open to the public. Many of them normally requires registration, and only qualified or selected individuals can register; such as students, teachers and professors, non-teaching staff, alumni, and school administration personnel.

However, there are sites that are open to the public for comments. The comment sections are usually moderated, requiring prior approval from a moderator in order to do away with spam comments made for back linking purposes. Many .edu sites with open comment sections are mostly abused by inferior-quality backlink builders; creating comments with links, while some just simply add links without comments at all.

If comments are allowed with approval from moderators, it is recommended to provide valuable feedback. Read the article first and give your thoughts and opinion about the topic, including some tips and suggestions. By providing insightful thoughts, your comments will have higher chance of being approved by the moderator.

Aside from that, it is not advisable to place links in the comment. The ideal way to create back links from .edu sites is to simply give comments with value and devoid of links or hyper-linked texts. Place the link to your site in your profile.

Before making a comment, you are normally required to fill up first your name, email address, and website address. The web address is your passport to creating the highly-prized .edu backlink to your site for search engine optimization purposes. Repeat the same process in other .edu sites with the same setting and you will have sufficient number of top-notch quality links from authority sites with high page rank.

The first try may be quite tedious considering that it is going to be a trial-and-error process when searching for the right place to create the links. Some sites also require registration. But if you outsource the tasks to a third-party back-linking services, you can spare yourself the hassle and inconvenience of gaining access to sites with .edu domain extensions.

These companies already know where to place the links, and some of them have access to certain .edu sites by successfully registering to the forum or discussion sections. The link building service will take care of creating valuable comments while building the .edu links to your site for you.


Choosing the Right .EDU Backlinks Services

If you are planning to outsource the backlinking aspect of search engine optimization of your website, there are few challenges that you will have to face. One of them is choosing the right service provider that will effectively implement the strategic plan that really brings notable results.

Some experts have outlined several requirements when hiring link builders or when employing the services of link building companies. The following are some criteria that you can use when selecting the right services:

  • Trusted and dependable service
  • Good rating and reviews from clients
  • Provide great value for the amount of investment
  • Offers flexible plans based on needs and budget
  • Have well-defined and efficient link building strategies
  • Fast and reliable services
  • Have access to a lot of .edu sites

You can, of course, set your own selection requirements, what is important is that you are able to get reliable services from link builders that truly brings tremendous results by implement the right method and legitimate techniques of backlinking.

It is important that the backlinking campaign is not solely focused on creating valuable link juices coming from high authority sites with .edu domain extensions. This must be ideally combined with links from other sites with varying page ranks and different domain extensions, particularly the .com sites. This will make your backlinking campaign look natural among top search engines like Google.

Nonetheless, your link building campaign must always include .edu backlinks for best results. Having significant numbers of links from these sites will definitely give your site a tremendous boost on its page rank. .Edu links will not only accelerate your journey to the top pages of Google, but provide solid foundation to the attained rank of your site as well; thereby making it harder for your competitors to unseat you from your attained place in search engine result pages.